Monday, March 30, 2009

The Worries of Tomorrow

Today, at my lunch table my friend stated how she wants to go to University of North Carolina, because it is an instate school, fairly cheaper than others and will still challenge her. After this being said, another friend talks about her hopes to go to UNC also, but if she doesn't get in there she wants to go to University of Georgia because it's campus is supposedly "exactly like UNC's".

I interrupted the conversation slightly bewildered, I don't believe one should choose a college based on their campus or dorms. College is a big step and should be selected carefully by the curriculum and opportunities. When I begin college applications, I want to make educated decisions based on research and visiting. So when one of my parent's friends ask me where I am going and why, I can answer confidently with all the right facts. Instead of muttering that I like their campus.

Just thinking about college gives me a busy hype and urges me to suddenly do volunteer work or find more online writing publications that I can apply to.


*FUN FACT - In ancient Egypt, priests plucked EVERY hair from thier bodies, including their eyebrows & eyelashes

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