Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Contradiction of Faith

So, what I've been eagerly waiting to get off my mind for the last nine hours is something my religion class discussed. We were discussing Saul in the Bible and how he disobeyed God because he did not kill Agag and his people. I was shocked and somewhat angered by this concept. According to my Religion teacher, Saul was punished for not killing a person. Does this not sound wrong to anyone else? Then another classmate pointed out it was the same thing as God creating the flood to wipe away all the corrupt people, He wanted to banish the broken again using Saul. However, the purpose of the acts were the same but how God expected them to be carried out were completely different. In the flood, God created a nautral disaster. In Saul's case, God expected Saul to become a killer. Not to mention, this all happened after he created the 10 commandments (Thou shall not kill). I just think there a downfalls and confusions in my religions. Like I said earlier, I love to speak my mind!

Above, I'm not attempting to coax anyone out of their faith. It is just an issue I'd like to address.

Nǐ hǎo

*FUN FACT - Every hear of the word, crapulous? Yes, crap does come from this word. Although, this characterizes someone who takes in too much alcohol and food.


  1. are you catholic? sounds like the stuff we used to talk about in high school. =P

  2. Yes I am and I go to a Catholic school obviously. Haha (:

  3. crapulous? where did you find out about that? very random lol xoxoxox